McLean Life Balance

What we do

Fitness is not just about trying to lose weight. But maintaining a healthy level of fitness, being encouraged, motivated, confidence building, stamina, increase your strength, agility and losing weight, you need McLean Life Balance!

McLean Life Balance is a body management athletic based endurance/strength/cardio training program that Incorporates intense, high and low speed movements you follow step by step as you build up your tolerance levels

Using McLean Life Balance is quick and easy. Register for your free account and immediately start taking control of your life

Mclean Life Balance also offers a Virtual Personal Coach Service. If you are serious about changing your fitness level and have one the following ailments (Back, Knee, Prior Surgery, Hypertension, Myasthenia Gravis or medication such as prednisone that makes you gain weight). We highly recommend you get with a personal coach for at least 90 days.