McLean Life Balance

How we started

My Path to Health & Fitness

Nothing thrills me more than seeing people accomplish their goals no matter what it is. From a young age, I knew that I love to challenge myself physically, enjoyed speed and fitness. So I spent my early years in track field, running for the Brooklyn Concorde track team.

Performing in track & field meets such as the US Mobile and Hershey games. I realized that I wanted to learn so much about my bodies muscle reaction.

Fast forward - By 2000, I was seeking my pro-card in power lifting. As of 2006 I have won three championship titles. The Bench press, best form in a bench press and dead lifting over 650 pounds.

In early 2010 I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, (causes weakness of the voluntary skeletal muscles).For more information read my BIO.

I went from be able to lift several pounds and to not be able to lift a box of soap. This disease broadened my fitness prospective on front lines. Know that I someone dealing with disabling disease and on medication that will make me gain weight. I have spoken to a number of people seeking to get their health & fitness up to next level because of the medications or surgery. This is not just about losing weight, but increasing your strength, stamina, being encouraged and building confidence.

After creating a program to drop my weight, rebuild my muscles and progressively take my body to the next level of fitness. I decided the time was right to begin McLean Life Balance, LLC in April 2010. Everything about the program is designed to promote progressive fitness /Inspiration/motivation/encouragement/weight loss/strength/stamina and confidence. Make it fun so you don't think you are exercising.