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McLean - Bio

Coach Desmond is the toughest fitness trainer you will ever meet with an autoimmune disease. Myasthenia Gravis autoimmune  disease is the driver to coach Desmond's enthusiasm behind promoting health, wellness, and fitness as a forefront to not just survive; but to live. Coach Desmond's passion and his ability to overcome disadvantages that others may see as unsurmountable is an inspiration to anyone that learns Coach Desmond's story. 

Coach Desmond has an innate ability to see the inner strength in others and convert their vision into an actionable plan. Coach Desmond will inspire, encourage, and will not let you settle for results that are less than you deserve.  If you are looking for a fitness trainer that can provide direction that can safely guide you (build a solid foundation of training with proper form, techniques and nutritional advice) while being treated with professionalism and respect, Coach Desmond is the solution. Coach Desmond has a passion for helping and encouraging others at all ability levels and ages whether they are just getting started or if they are a top athlete wanting to push themselves to the next level. Coach Desmond truly believes in and care about each client!

Fitness training is not just a profession, it’s a lifestyle. Take one look at coach Desmond and others can easily recognize that he is strong, but getting to know coach Desmond and his perseverance, compassion and drive. One learns that his inner strength far surpasses his physicality.


* National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association - Certified Personal Trainer
* National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association - Certified Fit Phone Coach
* Group Exercise Instructor - Certification
* Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certified                                                                                                  * Child Nutrition and Cooking                                                                                                                               * Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights  

* US ARMY fitness training skills.
* 2002 International Nova Strength Association (INSA) Championship series 1st Place bench press & best form     * 2005 House Of Pain World Cup, Bench Press & Dead Lift Championships 1st Place dead lift 220 open          * World Association of Bencher's and Dead Lifters (WABDL) -member                                                                       * Tahitian Noni FIT - 4 - life success group Dallas - Fitness Coach                                                                             * Cardio - Kick boxing USA Martial Arts - Fitness Coach                                                                                           . * Boot camp USA Martial Arts - Fitness Coach                                                                                                           * Pre-contest fitness training for Mixed Martial Art fighters                                                                                           * Corporate fitness training                                                                                                                                           * Author (Who Says You Can't Have It All)                                                                                                                   * Motivational Speaking